Sunday, October 3, 2010

Abstract Machine

Drift for apples when enhancing the hirsute. Bronze but outward. The path is too almond to sketch wildcats. The trestle crossing wreckage. The mosquitoes finding mustard and gasoline.

The pronoun explodes by the papier collé elevation. Depth which nutmegs a scratch. Piles such aerodrome as ear ever heard or success ever suckled.

The odor moistened and the bend was eluded. A landscape your haircut must pinch is therefore asymmetrical. General. Chartreuse. Promiscuous.

Picasso done those violins to conceits of carve. A pumped thumb would stream a money to sexual affection if the outline could be deciphered as a cord, or flagpole.

The intriguing resistance had an unprecedented deliverance. Beginning in coordinates. Worlds in knives. Apollinaire among the astronomers. Fangs.

An anarchic palette of kaolin elevates the deformation of escrow. Fiber and cloth and destiny. Up is a lyrical modification. A palette between massive teeming ideas. Of buffalo. Of L’Estaque. Of warm hobnobbing plasma.

Talking is galactic being a chin is thrilling. The heart agrees to tidepool its subtleties. Equip Cubism with heartwood. Plead offices of myriad thesis. A new emotion simmering in the airport from bumps or elbows. Garments. Phantoms. Parrots.

Eat a moment. Cartwheels painted with adjectives. Opium swans represented in glass. Intestines. Aluminum cooks distance below those alleys that prickle with illegibility. Bristling knives gurgle the chain to azaleas. Fierce siege. Reflection.

Up halibut. An eloquent expression pinned to a stunned driver does its fingers in pink. Bang! Bang!

Red bends to pungency. The milieu is implicated in maroon. Stirring with civet. A ghost spitting goldfish. A private oak poking the sky to stars.

Spectral apples reflect the realism of straw. The phantom drags a canvas. Invisible mines throughout the compass bite the leaning trees like you fall into a genetic incentive to experience rubber.

The structural gut was a severity to the biology of roots wherein an old pretzel burns by anthologizing shattered denial. Galloping pages of western spark. Cool secrets. Squeezed from audacity. Like grease.

Fickle irritations begin the chemistry of passion. The pyramids are ripe. Tea darned with yellow wool. Raspberries forked between whispers.

Ooze feeling as burning words. Journey. The sternum dollars cluttered among the stars are the flotsam of a previous thought. Blots embark in armadillos. Gunned engines. Brushes. Stimulating pains. Elegies.

A banana that stoves its art is admired in lines. An aesthetic in floating was glimpsed through a force of soda. Stilts. A moral indicative under a dark intonation.

Profligate to another is a garden with indentations menstruating bugs. Circles. Evolutions of heaven heaving with maturity. I would rather have a winter in my solution than a solace in my salon. Violins are instinct with propinquity. Pianos are more logarithmic. Like jackknives.

Dabs. Daubs. Dadoes. Wisdom’s paraphernalia between nouns. The propane darting a blue flame.

Cured heart. Skulk. Laughing brush. Anger.

Yellow conjures revelation by cube in the Louvre. Knots in space draw cement by opening Technicolor gargoyles too hard to puff into yolk. Crustaceans indicate hunger by clicking consonants. Chiaroscuro is absurdly absent. A nascent leg kicks Cézanne into the world.

Mahogany France. Steam. Abstract machine. Feeling. Insects color a rattan to quicker crackling than a palpable fish treads space with its fingers. Brocade, propelled outward, has time for ambiguity. Each blaze on the water redeems a clear cynosure with a compass and a straw.

The migration proceeds with a calliope.

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