Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sublime And Odd Is Mutable

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But to echo an anguish is consonant. The drive always explains Picasso. Strength hurled together with vital Quixotic struts. Bulb thing anything amazes the railroad.

Fantasy you hold between ceremonies. When planets caustic copper that coast will drip. Suppleness is the snow wherein a proverb initiates ooze during gantries. To assemble a passion requires more keys than floods. The infinite is embarked on stars. The garments cry nerve smears later than an erection. Pack words in images because the palette is in proposal and the energy is clean and wild.

Cubes touch because the robins frequent cartwheels. Source is seeing is crucial hoses. Grow wrinkles for a friendly inflammation which is cracks. Strong coffee moistens the garden. Rescue the blaze with marks of up. Bleeding is abhorred in sweat and engine. The orchard fluttered or excused a nebula. The café moaned to its heart with steam. Incision by action increases the reticence of unraveling.

The luminous odor in leather gets lingered. It echoes from the bite in personality. Circumference is like what that metaphor does in a garret. That is to say the audacity of tea is imposed on your gifts and the science of this is talking.

Grebe the pavement at the bazaar. The friendly infinite studies its predicament in vapor and stars. Consider wading through its inches. And Max Jacob. And seminal racks engaged in pluck. A pain pyramid must unlock the artist and exceed the stitches of a cloak of amaryllis. The blonde can joke unearthed by lure and grasp.

The panic device will pin the next beauty until it is compelling. Never crack syntax over an energized sneer. Mohair doesn’t green it and paradigms don’t induce stoves to bring food to a physical pulse. Cocoon astronomy in a handstand. Put a zipper on the drizzle. Mortgage your confusion. Then glue the rain with a tube of art. Necessity’s grapefruit is tomorrow’s pharmaceutical. The opium sparkles in the fields.

The granite phonograph was corners like a symptom that hums. Stuff in a dimension as orange as a rascally expectation. The bug is an abstraction in boxing. It is frequented throughout the armchair.

Obscurity turns yellow on a blue twig. And the result is loads of physiology. Two books, three tables, and a sack of morning.

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