Sunday, May 1, 2011

Dear Avocado

I love you you are 39 cents
What laws physical or otherwise brought you into existence
What rain what wind what seed what spirals and genes what codes
Chromosomes threads chemicals tendencies jiggles warmth
        energy light
Moved you into shape and actuality dear avocado

I love you you are 39 cents
Do you go good with bacon I’ll bet you do
Today is the first of May hurray hurray maybe it will finally
Get warm I’m sick of winter sick of grey skies and cold
Sick of ice sick of snow sick of tea party republicans wanting to
Government down and take comfort and shelter and food away
        from old people

People like me I don’t feel old but I am old is 63 old it probably is
If you’re fourteen or fifteen
In dreams sometimes I am 20 or 23 sometimes 33
But never 63 never old
I am always a young man chased by monsters
I wake up I eat breakfast a slice of cherry pie from Whidbey Island
Slices of orange sip some coffee watch TV5 a documentary
In French about Silicon Valley and a shiny red car running on

This is all wrong I meant to say dear avocado
Cancel all engagements I am spending the day with you
I will grow large sympathies larger sympathies than I have ever
        had before
Monumental empathies I will grow into feelings so huge I will need
        a frame
To put it all in a big mahogany frame with beautiful grain and
        dovetailed corners
Hang it on the wall that’s my last duchess

On the wall my last avocado
I forget what a trope is a trope is a figure of speech
Therefore it is tropical
And tropospheric and troubling
It is not my purpose to give a detailed history of the organ
But rather to present those aspects of its development which
My situation today which is the idea of sound
L’objet sonore

Which is delivered to the soundboards
From bellows below tonal color is determined by the shape of the
And is vast as the study of pharmacology
An enigma that is never quite teak but waits for summer
To make it churn with elbows
Scowls and lipstick that is to say papyrus
Which is like a harness in the rain
The smell of a horse in the rain
Did you see Prince William and Kate Middleton get married I
I stayed home and glimmered with horns
Incessant expressions of the fetus I truly am
Blatantly pulsing with things to say
Fibula filigree gubernatorial cormorant dear avocado I love you
        you are 39 cents


Steven Fama said...

I'm not going too deep in the guacamole here: you'd enjoy a visit to Fallbrook, California (click here)!!!

John Olson said...

I see the average temperature there is 71 degrees. I'm packing my bags. Today's temperature in gloomy Seattle: 46 degrees, and raining. Awhrrghhh!!!