Thursday, August 11, 2011

Because The Sky Is Crying

Rivers start as threads
Of water in the mountains
Tumbling down in inexpressible purity
To become tea or coffee
Words are the residue
Of a long incubation
Let’s talk about God
Fireworks in all the colors of the spectrum
The poet chisels the air
With the roar of a wildcat in an antique store
Pain is sometimes a diversion
Or a simple drink of water
I struggle every day against the embarrassment
Of the pump on my grandparent’s farm
Eyeballs and olives and other beautiful spheres
Balance it out
With the taste of rain
The rivers of China
Are radical as ants
Even the lobster has a purpose
On a spectral farm with spectral cows
Drink the sky
Hoist a sentence on your tongue
A word emerging from the tip of a pen
A broken beer bottle in the street
A poem written in 1971
Teleological as the color yellow
Tendencies of deep affection bubble at the surface
Of a dime on the coffee table
An abalone gliding in a mountainous wave
Is the eye in the wind
Of a soul in a storm
Dissonance is indispensable
Observes Marcel Proust in a rowboat
I hold in my hand a fire
Forged in the pathos
Of cause and effect
Because the sky is crying
And poetry is a suitcase
Full of soothing walls
And a voice hanging in the air
Here for instance is a pair of pants
With belt buckle in the form of a swan
The curtain rises on a pair of lovers
And Erica Jong in an airplane
Jotting everything down
Fondling the vapor
Of the human breast
In a motel room in Omaha
All the rivers are nerves
Of light flaming into space


David Grove said...

Lovely and inspiring! You make it look so easy.

Erica Jong! I haven't heard that name in a long time. Fear of Flying was incredibly important to me. I found a paperback copy lying around when I was a teenager. At first the attraction was the sexual information--access to a woman's intimate thoughts--but soon the book became a source of cultural experience. I listed all her references and good words, all the allusions and dropped names, and looked them up. Growing up in a blue-collar backwater, I had to find my own mentors.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, David. Do you mind if I share this with Erica Jong? Strangely, she "friended" me on Facebook.

P.S. I can't leave comments in my own name; I go by Anonymous these days.

David Grove said...

I don't mind at all, John. I'm grateful to her for leading me to some things like Invitation to a Beheading and Bergman films. Haven't cracked F of F in years, but I still remember "zipless fuck" and the parody of the "nous connumes" passage in Lolita and lots of other stuff. It was a help.