Saturday, September 24, 2011


Hello in the midst of kettledrums and silliness. Hello hello hello.

Hello to the sun. Hello to the window. Hello to the stove on which the coffee pot stays heated.

Hello to the dictionary and TV and refrigerator. Which hums its hellos back to me. And keeps my cheesecake nice and chilled.

Grape juice too. Hello grape juice.

Hello shoes. Hello shirt. Hello pants.

Hello throat you feel a little sore today. I hope I didn’t walk away with a bug from Paul’s birthday party. I guess I’ll find out later but there is codeine in case the microbes get serious and put me on the couch.

Hello bacteria. Hello Dolly.

Hello hello hello.

I say hello and you say goodbye. Hello hello. Hello hello.

Hello universe. Hello probability. Hello improbability. Probability is no more improbable than improbability. And thusly my fingers skip along the computer keyboard saying silly things.

Which is the essence of poetry. Silliness. As if you didn’t know.

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