Friday, September 20, 2013

Ha Ha Ha Ha

Hit the burn with plaster. Conceive a helter-skelter cat sweat. Roughen it with strong adjectives. The pain expands its parameter. And a bicycle pleads rain.

I manipulate the massive wash. This exemplifies a boiling nerve. My gargle smacks this pound. Send the shaken thought flap. Horses galloping through a compulsion smash.
We push our kaolin hands. Your empty block convulses bulbs. The image sparkles a mirror. It assembles by gratifying brains. An immediate crack cures trickling.
What is action ocher decorations. Arrange behavior beneath your breath. The squashed mode succeeds at wheels. Ha ha ha ha it accentuated my ocean. Ha ha ha ha it oiled the sorcery.
Ha ha ha ha it continued in fire. Ha ha ha ha it pounced the leaves. Ha ha ha ha the stilts drooled existence. Ha ha ha ha mimicry dwells in eating. Ha ha ha ha flaps boils nibbles.
It fires your sparrow propeller. Toss the paraffin to bitumen. Build the charcoal sympathetically structured. Writing flourishes in the past. Memory ignites on the face.
The asphalt explains its connectedness. It does this by segments. The highway juts this opinion. I feel it disturb Milwaukee. The spirit nominates its rivers.
Experience ruptures the abstract furniture. Experience is velvet to cake. Experience brings meaning to anxiety. Gargoyles supply the other sounds.
Touch your skin at war. You will feel ghosts dance. Proposals embedded in secret money. Green buttons murder the horizon. Bacteria feather amid the tears.
I trap the hissing emotion. It feels like Hindu algebra. Ultramarine ripples aloud like wheat. Life absorbs its flopped contraptions. The emotions bark around plums.
The stethoscope endures its hearing. I have formulas for sophistry. Grammar pinned to the air. Hospital Cubism in joyful bedlam. Tug propelled by scorching endeavor.
Incandescent bathers tickle a definition. For what for cooking principles. Ha ha ha ha flipped in a bag. Ha ha ha ha inflated by limestone money. Ha ha ha ha hurrying a chiseled light.

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