Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Bump What This Garlic Dances

Bump what this garlic dances. Eat pluck a balloon it fishy tense. The toward smear constrains form. Photogenic veins move over the asphalt toward massive dimensions of flighty theology. Twang forge shoot there there. Bake a wince we kiss against. Play a philodendron. Slither through a representation of meat. Stumble into pulling as the ego does when it reddens with inspiration. Pin it to the cupboard. The highway compass clashes my it to an innocent voice. Glow boat the murder act to engorge the flex. A adapt a. Squirt window along an old camaraderie. Joy in empty mass. I reach a rip and snap a box against its focus. This is a thesis that aggressively hammers turpentine. We Mediterranean we. Spring purple. Hurl apparitions. Hop development. This is becoming pretzel. Wildcat paths that job into Pythagorean aesthetics.
The regret box heals what we delay in feeling. I want to dribble a birth. A few dry butterflies effective as explanation, or tears. Before includes turpentine. Joy in the grouse. A convulsive sterling parody we combine with blots of clavicle. This may be dangled over your eyebrows, unrivalled in all but jollity. Mirror medications enhance the secretions. We tend to attack what we most forbear in our physiology. Except spouts. Admonition indigo for an oath we made in buttons. Drift juggle. Massive ablution at a brushwork. I answer all that our antenna incites to chronology. Ancestry energizes what we  twinkle. I toy the procession over fiction. Towered and nascent is the strength we hem. Mood the generator rides over in green life.
Catch pack my adherence donkeys. I flap the almond and murmur like a blossom. I have felt literal since the moccasin medicine cab ride in downtown wind. Hunger this hop to a cool escape. Argue behind the logic of claws. Wear my age.
The palette teems with persuasion, the laughing vapor of a Technicolor window. I have flickered what progress bubbles and discovered contraptions in philosophy that philodendron upon height and turn glad. Spread your instincts on a moistened sorrow. A pronoun tied into a knot of syllables. Act it there. Do a summer garnish at a path below the garage.
We hammer ourselves for elevation. We give prominence to the symmetry of cylinders. Drill work walking through a sense of personality. We clank provocation until the paradigm is over. Slippery creosote excels the apprehension of steel. A flit beyond the sternum’s inch plays havoc with a ceremony of alcoholic participles. Wash your blossom and tease a vertical heat. I feel the umber open to the moan of its own shadow. Thought chat bohemia by a sensual parable. Clean roots of a turpentine heart holding the scent of a stethoscope. I circle a rock and kiss a French knot. I writhe among a hill. I widen to embrace a convocation of geese. I watch the dips and age an eating spit. Molasses rides the escalator to a planet of red abstractions. I stumble through my gun aiming at a vague apprehension of glass, the glimmer of pain in a landfill of broken sonnets. It is loaded with bullets of heavenly scripture. Enough opium to appease a feather of yourself. Charcoal unearthed at a site of tumultuous spirit. Glow of spokes in a mouth of bicycles. 

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