Sunday, March 9, 2014

Capitalism Inflated and Asphalt

Capitalism what is capitalism capitalism is capital and capital is stink and indispensable and rascally. Capital is a way to grow money into power and gifts and metaphysics is for believing in driftwood and folds of dark and treasures of the mind such as algebra and glitter. Capital is a way to speculate and compound interest and generate fire. Capital sheds the gaze of simple parable and becomes a giant urge to linger in sweet angora and float insoluble flavors. Lips are the syntax that verge on pumpernickel. Capital means cutting is contrast and erosion is erotic and sunlight. 

We like capital if it comes in boilers and circulates books and justice sparkles in our hats. Capital plays above towers and includes postulation behind the paint which is loud and we like it like that because we use flour and sex to buy morals and exemplify deodorant. There is a rattle that carries the intention which is red and blue and stitched with myth and a coast I know whose rocks ascend beyond the impact of water and Picasso originates in zucchini the paint marks the place when the voyage begins to chronicle itself by meat and mathematics.  

The problem of capital licks a harm and attracts flipping and travel my theory widens we collect bananas for strength and what sparks can fly are there by my very own pushing. Incendiary pickles ache for hanging. Insistence and tangibility. Capitalism in a light is not teasing or friendly it is just expanding. A small smell is a personality. A fence is in the wilderness that needs a reason to ratify limestone. This is capitalism at its worse. When it bumps into perception and murders examination. Other than that it is metaphorical and coops. This is no sign of peculiarity it is merely evaluation and outline. By that I mean a social and economic system in which capital assets are controlled by private persons and labor is purchased by open enrollment and sea snakes. Crepuscular semen face value and intermediate prosceniums.  

It is malls and ensembles. A million is more than a thousand and there are some who grow rich in nutmeg. What is the exchange rate when a pump pumps impromptu and includes sleeves but not any mosaics or principles? Capitalism is neither nails nor parrots but if you press a button for juice in a storm at sea you may discover a dream across the gray is rags and creosote. This explains tungsten but not wine not so much as a punch in the belly that evolves into shouts and amusement.  

There are different variations of capitalism which have different relationships to markets and the state. In free-market and laissez-faire forms of capitalism, markets are utilized most extensively with minimal or no regulation over the pricing mechanism. This means that iguanas can weigh heavily on a planet so let us ride elephants. Thirst is separate from hunger because space is drugged with gravity and it is very easy to forget how a lasso can infuse your consciousness with spinning and loops. Words are a way to get at capitalism from another viewpoint and float it in someone’s head if they happen to be listening or reading in which case capitalism drops anchor in the bay and brings crowbars and civilization to the little town of pepperoni. Money drives debt debt drives money I drive a Subaru.  

Anger is taxation. Here is where the rubber meets the asphalt and infrastructure arises out of a hot day in Alabama. I am slowly building a music that will sell for thousands of dollars on the open market of poetry where value is conceived as a form of damask written in folds of fabrication and means it and a constant blue causes analogies to turn into crumbs. I am strings. I am happening to swim like a crowded deer. This is all because of capitalism.  

It is up to you the treasurer to decide what to do with chintz as it exists as an idea. It can attract crowds and make you some important money. I am not excusing capitalism all that I am saying is wasps with a buggy articulates interactions and elegant scenery is charming when it bleeds anticipation and coffee.  

The best way to use capitalism for your benefit is to own its electricity in patterns of ink. It is there that the words invent resemblances to things that you can taste and multiply into fat bags of money. 


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