Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Adventures of Hopalong Heidegger

I need a gun & a horse
To go with my hat
Otherwise life just feels
Polite. I also need a haircut
But what I want to talk about today
Is premonition. I cannot predict
What any of these words
Are going to do. Happily assuming
That they are capable of doing anything
And I hope they are isn’t that the whole point
To squeeze a tube of language and form
Something like a brain in a séance
I feel alienated from society
The brain thinks and a ghost appears
To shake the table. To use a thing
Is to let a thing be what it is
And how it is. To let it be this way requires
The truth of wine, and wind and thought
It doesn’t hurt that much to think
Unless you have a brain like a clothes dryer
And feel autumn in your bones. Life feels
Differently at 68 than it does at 18
Animals recognize my odor and if you
Send me fifty bucks I will send you
A skull of sugar. Thanks to the invention
Of language I can fold the sky into a napkin
Put it in a box and take it on the road
To make a little money. I mean
Who doesn’t like sitting
In a cocktail lounge in the afternoon
Expanding one’s horizons
As a mechanical color. There is no narrative
That doesn’t draw a little open fire
When the injury is worth it
And reckless abandon is all there is
To remember how serious life can be
And whistle for your horse
Before the police arrive

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