Friday, September 18, 2015


I flow into the invocation enigmatic pungency. This is called interacting. We ripen in snow. Cram it with ermine. Möbius blue sputtering the truth of rain. Bump a monument under the air. The kinetic boat glue opened by pliers. Clutter and luxuriate in our pockets. My dab and deform the wiggle with skin. The hymn sends us jumping into a hammerhead’s hat brimming with Germany. My arms pause in mutation. It anchors a painted red and a white and blue seclusion, darkness and sympathy. My stick bumps the heart and fragrances, beggars, groans, dampness hook into this existence and there is a consequent conviviality and the light is a form of gasoline that weighs as much as a buttonhole. Plurality shows thought. Do you believe in singing? The sky is totally eczema. Below the authorization structure invites provocation. Moreover the form of a farm is in its livelihood. This is punches to a dirigible. Zip to a propagation. I came into this life riding on a comet. There is a quicker way to begin to be hectic. Reality is a shiver and a sweat and we lengthen the volume of thumbs. Radio is watched hugging one another. The hoist suspends the pipes in solid resilience. Let’s explore consciousness by spreading cowslip. Or swing it with a pendulum. The yardstick of the eye stirs handsprings. The stick stirs paint. I find a screw in the sawdust of sound and appetite. Redeem the profligacy of singing with a coiffure and an angle. The ooze swims with cockeyed worms. Representation obstructs its chains. We remain unconvinced. What can we do? We burn a colloquy and powder it and dangle. The Mediterranean is peppered with sticks. Circles of Apollinaire. The Cinnamon King whose earrings whisper artemesia. Powder blue ovals accelerate the noise of my skin. What does this say about pulse? The air reeks of wonder. Dictionaries are engines of thought. Intent and a lip in a system for reflection. A thunder that is snappy and bright, a biology like a jellyfish, a drink of coffee that crackles when the wind blows and the piano sweats and anything horizontal rattles in some way that we can share. The carp are riding the rails. The tie helps us to understand granite. The glimmer of goose bumps are instruments for making bourbon. The flop of extrusion in a mind of ice tastes of oblivion. Atmospheric pressure equiped with socks. Pain is the deformation of information. Glue is the adhesion of tin. The rain is a medication. I spit prescription. Power shouts adjectives and butter. A bird in a bottle and a stab of grammar petitions the adverbs to cohere into a concept. This is called spinning, or solving the mystery of glass with an ugly towel.



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