Sunday, July 17, 2016

Official Anthem of the Ping Pong Litmus Association

Puff my unit. The crack I whisper. This zipper glaze honesty. Slither plunge configurational motion door. The crab lights up. This banana gurgles. This meditates my hirsute.
A thought flutters through a talk. I get behind a hint. It ushers a fuse to you. An ultramarine blaze.
We wear stepladder masks and crumple into frogs. A sloppy movement hefts a blue stigma. Necessitates it. We call the gnome. I scratch myself into henna.
The door gets its space over a batch of weather. My pasting for instance. The painter is innocent from swans. Smooth lake arguing increase. Opium is the pressed medication that opens diversion. If you have a spoon try the granite.
Burst dish. Atmospheric gargoyle chain. Acceptance romance. The hair has presence. The red bursts into robbery. Slouch world pulls its trickles to titbits. The snow steams on my glockenspiel.
Hold these brushes. A fiber dangles an academy. Initiates a Technicolor tomahawk. Hollywood here I come!
I collect myriad indicatives. We thicken enfoldments to marble it all.
I feel a certain wrench. A winch beneath the sun.
This will fill the scratch. The slow hold of pasting. The opened burst my impart. And then I subpoenaed a door. There rattled a crack. It burst its hinges and flew. There is a reason for radar. You know?
What gargantuan space brought meditation to hair?
The zipper puffed in heartwood and remembered the dishes.

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