Saturday, October 8, 2011

Margaret Gridley Pancake Society

hey David,

I can't leave a comment at your blog. Can't leave a comment at my blog. Neither Google Account or Anonymous work. Some kind of glitch in the Google blogworks I haven't the foggiest how to fix.


Thank you for the terrific follow up to Margaret Gridley.

Rave on, Margaret, rave on.


Thanks for posting that video of me reading my bank robbery poem. That was from Summer Robinson's Pilot Books bookstore, which she ran for a couple of years in a tiny upstairs space in a funky pedestrian mall at 219 Broadway on Capitol Hill. One of the most comfortable chairs I have ever sat in. Though you didn't sit in it so much as surrender your body to it. I could have sat there forever. What makes a chair get so comfortable? Upholstery, certainly, but other more preternatural variables must be at play. This should be up for discussion at the next Margaret Gridley Pancake Society Meeting. Edgar Allan Poe's Philosophy of Furniture may provide some clues.

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