Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Time In Excursion Done Into Stars

Cotton proposes a tidepool to holes. Paint abhors to put itself in sweat. It is so heavy to carve a swan out of trains. A spoon taps conquest in an icy problem. The duty turns walnut and drags that to a knife.

The fire fondles a log into embers. The butter behaves violently to halibut. Hallucination is instinctive because the mind pushes it to pump proverbs out of gargoyles. Mint from tendency smells minty. Splash as between highways as you escape yourself.

The jungle is imbued with searching. A nerve toward painted rain is plunged in paper. Library those blasts to smooth a thumb. Virtue requires concentration. Run a pitch more sandstone.

Fly refractory and reflect on it. Amplify forks during vertical iron. Murmur a flavor and crash through insults. Act with openness which imposes visibility. Trees in cuts are sometimes enigmatic.

Exploration includes a cure for talk. The walk remedies the crash of emotion. Your afternoon has tricky eyes. Pleasure is a treasure eggnog with oneself. It is a quicker glue than impulse.

Time in excursion done into stars. More winter will rattle a heartbreak and scatter it to parody. Drag a napkin with sparkling division. Diversions steeped in mineral mosaic. The you you want to modify is an unprecedented secret.

I know this because the design is glazed with invisible hiccups. Religious mosquitos lost in a railroad siding. A winch which attracts the sheen of mutation stimulates the constancy of blood. And so becomes a sawdust. Decision falling through a premonition.

Propane smells of presence. Give your thought an echo. A respectable propeller by Cézanne. Do you remember the early days of Cubism? Coherence or swamp tossed into prose each season modulates the sway of hair.

Throb or pound must come to ripped opinion. I cannot help a form to form itself unless the dips are buttoned in tenderness. The sky is pinned to a tiger. Hearing argues flotsam. Mallarmé in a rowboat.

Symptoms of dropsy touch in plush proximity dripping emotion. Being pours itself into cement and steel. The result is Manhattan. Analysis and eyeballs and coordinates and liniments and secretion. Everything that is phantasmal thickens into life.

Music clasped to a lip. Cynicism simmers in a round outdoors. As if transcendence was a concertina and the forehead imparted development between two Picassos. Thought may be attained by spar and sail. Pragmatic hunger turns of arm and a little turmoil.

Butter is gradual. Speed divides into savor. Green river at a monstrous picnic without algebra. Or bronze. Bouillon invites ripe watermelon and may later thunder photogenically.

Crack or unfettered gaze implications arched in marble from 10:00 o’clock on. Glass is done by delicacy and stars and shines in ships. The oak travels slowly through its injuries and demonstrates bark, a dachsund more stream than haunch. Consonants between kerosene earns perception the gift of friction and flips into heat. The forehead holds its own.

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