Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Invisible Hand (again)

Ladies and gentlemen
allow me to present Adam Smith
inventor of the invisible hand
I wouldn’t know an invisible hand
if it was reaching up my ass
there is no supply and demand
in poetry no invisible hands
all the hands are shamelessly visible
on Keith Richards’s guitar strings
if you get my drift
there is no selfishness in the world
as selfish as poetry
which wants everyone’s full attention
and is totally naked
poetry wants you to take your clothes off
and make love to a squeaky toy
if you see an invisible hand
run before it grabs hold of your balls
and takes your social security
away this is what invisible hands
do they rob they steal they pilfer they filch
they take the elevator to the top floor
and look down at all the cars and people
and laugh like Claude Rains
holding a gun
with an invisible hand


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