Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Science of Nowhere

I don’t know
What do you think
Are hills and glue a form of despair
Or mere referents in a poem
Seeking the dignity of a movie
About a reproductive organ
Named Abigail? The traffic today
Was mild on the way to the library
But I golfed my way through Switzerland
A little later and discovered a hole
In a cardboard box that filled me with light
And understanding. This is how words expand
Into eyes and bend the winter air
Into a ceremony of tigers
A tall pink tower
Sparkles below these words
And in it you will find passion and grace
And an escalator which comes in handy
As you move to the top of the tower
Where my hand dances on the ceiling
It’s as if I had a head full of nitrous oxide
And meaning seeped through my words
No matter what I said. Here, for example,
Is a map of my heart. These are the mountains
And this is a lake in which the sag of time
Has been omitted and all we see are waves
Quietly moving toward the shore
Infinity climaxes as a shadow
In a quart of philosophy, the sun
Shining down like a lunatic
Caboose in an evergreen
It’s all about flowers my friend
The literal is only a dime
Away from becoming a dollar
Ninety eight and a vertigo serious as the science
Of migration in a sentence headed precisely

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