Saturday, November 14, 2015

Chuck Berry's Sideburns

Dissonance heaves its guts
Provides us with delectation
What a strange world this is
In which everything dies
Of envy and desire. What I need
Is to despair of ever finding an answer
And that will be the answer
The knife does not exist
Without an edge. Sometimes I think
I will and sometimes I think I won’t
This is why I prefer to go dark
And slow and grow wings out of my
Shoulder blades. I don’t expect
To go around sullen all the time
We older folks have to show the young
How to swerve into the landscape
Get off the main road and stand
On the stars. If a heat pierces your heart
Use it to cook an affection
Fall in love with cement
You may not use arithmetic
To chatter with poetry but the poetry
Will get you one way or another
Jump into a tuna Joan Baez in a T-shirt
There’s blood in your veins
Stitched together by ghosts
Ice cubes postulate the light of eternity
In tiny bubbles that sparkle
This is all mentally viable if you
Exasperate the logic of time
With the speedometer of the mouth
This is called concentration
It is how you will feel when you’re naked
In a beautiful raw umber with the density
Of Chuck Berry’s sideburns and your love
Is great and the morning shines and the nerves
Burn for a music to feed that heat 

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