Saturday, June 4, 2011

Four By Four

Silk which development coppers. The air is dimes. Studio remembered under mirrors. The antique gun perseveres.

Images pepper the antenna. My quixotic nails bend. Palette dipped in burns. I fiddle a feeling.

Hectic oysters built it. Indigo tastes of vespers. Pretzels crawl in absence. I jingle their positions.

It eludes all index. And explains your sleeve. Construction irritates a button. Jauntily thick between cherries.

Rain evokes a throat. The fire cut inside. You glow and ache. The stew is written.

Thought seeds morning ecstasies. Parabolas on a highway. Insults squirt a stream. Drag calliopes to paper.

Which carries audacious despair. And residual insights unlock. Deliverance unfolds the ermine. Just a rattlesnake voyage.

In fractious rain debris. Broken freight and hickory. Luminous heaven pushes faith. Greenery imposes constant sensation.

Metaphors crack the coordinates. History dreams the empire. We rattle incandescent colors. Formulas obscure the summer.

Butterflies knock their talk. Lyrical ooze embedded within. The monster draws grace. The office occasions rhetoric.

All the forges roar. Eyebrows harnessed to heaven. Halibut sliced in mushrooms. Daylight crashed our eyes.

Handstands tickled in orange. Phantoms experience your music. They dance on antiques. And a bistro’s bread.

One could leaven gesture. Another leaven their straw. This line gets operating. And a spectrum explodes.

You could say altitude. I know your cemetery. It has three necromancers. And a dark orchard.

Each crow elbows salvation. When does day toughen? When it bends mirrors. And birds thrash linen.

Emotion patched with bones. As if pleasure moistened. Or perception filled Spinoza. Consider a vague orthogonal.

Or a growling stomach. The truth wears radar. It is heard raw. Like meat or philodendrons.

My intent is birds. And mirrors and raspberries. Simply to say dissonance. Hop and sow enigma.

Have you considered sticks? They make me crackle. Like orchids gargle tornados. I endorse those billows.

The bounce of sculpture. The bounce of meat. The bounce of beauty. The bounce of feet.

Quixotic by tangible fluff. Flux and whispering fire. The glow of coal. The pink of willow.

Daylight stabbed by description. Fruit that wheezes charcoal. Caravaggio shrewdly churning tissue. Soliciting thin Italian contingency.

Serious hammers of myth. The power of corollary. The wash of spouts. An exercise in crying.

A war during France. The bark of dogs. The fireworks of idea. Iron accentuated by guns.

Ascension achieved by hymn. Hearts in crisp emotion. The blast of trumpets. The riddle of drums.

Paradise haunts the mouth. Someone paints the trees. Words reach from pain. Pleasure arrives in birds.

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