Friday, June 24, 2011

Two By Four

Gallant finger. Nascent oak.

Rain agrees with myth. Visceral rips of rhetoric. Circulated comb invisible fruit. Morning in a taxi.

Intuitive blood. Iron being.

Cloth is living testament. Ravenous oval fireside spoon. Thin oddities mongrel truths. Circus where secrets sparkle.

Holy perspective. Esophageal hose.

Hilly conception in accentuation. Coffee under perpetual construction. Firmament dragging placental perception. Loads of jaunty angels.

Black hills. Startling beige.

Soap excels at tickling. Lobster juggling its scruples. Sunlight flopped on smelt. Romance of jingled adults.

Bistro palette. Splattered sweat.

Red house spitting knives. Language humors a syntax. Burning howling growling grammar. Focussed convocation of ears.

Spectral depth. Storied attitude.

Revelatory highway barked emotion. Staunch taste of outdoors. The sky gets bottled. Fly this into prophecy.

Boiling point. Exhilarating stars.

A spirit strains meaning. Because consonants thunder vowels. And syllables twang infinity. Phantoms pump the tongue.

And hypothesize. Stir tattoos.

Kerosene urges sputtering plausibility. Silver locomotives of art. Sanguine banks of fire. Emotions big as morning.

Restless azure. Eloquent eyes.

The story gets loud. Cemetery held by metaphor. Gloss on Mediterranean shells. Laughter gets algebra unbuttoned.

Ghostly forms. Indigo spirits.

Hammer in a canoe. Tall maples fluttered leaves. Galaxies of clinging pain. Water denies its flimflam.

Because tin. Because erratic.

Formula shouting its chrome. Resilience cocoons stratospheric poetry. Poke this into absorption. The metamorphosis of silk.

Teeming bighorn. Amorous sparrows.

Do anything you want. Be rubber be rubbed. Rubbed rubber ruddy rubble. Rumble in russet rumination.

Swallow circumference. Sip mind.

Hallucinations amaze the air. The lake is lonely. The lake is mosquitoes. The lake is wrinkled.

Fat glitter. Frantic waves.

A man named Tie. A woman named Hypothesis. A boy named Murmur. A girl named Green.

Experience spinning. Shrewdly dangling.

I feel your skin. Your eyes your arms. Your feelings your tumult. Your seething your screaming.

Your anonymity. Your weariness.

Glue eludes its garrulity. Alligators pound the ooze. We listen for France. We hear the sky.

Epidermal cries. Romantic immersion.

The sandstone library twinkles. The books occupy themselves. Poetry sweetens the corner. Paragraphs affirm our alibis.

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Steven Fama said...

Measure twice, cut once!