Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Brimming with Hats

The music of the present tense juggles vast
Skulls of earnest objective. Neutrons
Come in thumps. Fish come tumbling
Into the biography of a pill
Of aspirin and the rhapsody has pliers
With which to remove the vapor
From a dot in eternity. I’m anxious
To make a point, and that point
Is a warrior whose globules
Drip light on the gravel
Driveway of a bonanza
In the clouds drifting overhead
Like a fetus of inexplicable pasta.
Hope is pepperoni, despair
Has pastels. Many of us applaud
The rain but the rain
Doesn’t really give a damn.
The smell of thought is fugitive
And vanity is hard
To support with a two-by-four
And a bag of nails. An oak forehead
Is better than a pine box
Or an afternoon folded into Ohio
Like a hacksaw. They say everything
Is made of molecules and I agree
To sparkle on a yardarm
Not out of platitudes and what
They’ve taught me but sheer nerve
And willpower, the way our forefathers
Taught us in the navy when the world
Was but a scooter and ampersands
Tasted of adage. I began my life as a grimace
And I will end it as a beginning
That drags itself forward crackling
In a paroxysm of dimes
Like a rhododendron. Identity is meat
And blood, though I would prefer
A handkerchief. I’m awake now, thank you
For your honesty. I’m not a horse at all
But a fine chemistry of warm thought
With things to do. Everything else is weather
Like Bob Dylan in a Cadillac Escalade
Commercial. A hard rain’s a gonna fall
You betcha. And tenacity has a payoff
I feel at home in my nerves do you
Like me very much? I like you
But can’t bring myself to say it
Without getting to know you first.
Sit down. Let’s talk. Every sensation
Is tangled and inexplicable like a brain
In which the language is trying to get out
And describe the logic of things
As they occur in color. Say what you want
The Cadillac is a fine car, but the colors
Are wanton, and that makes us wonderful
Yes wonderful. And I mean it. Here come some now
Full of warmth and fungus and brimming with hats



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