Saturday, April 18, 2015

Mirror Writing

Here it is an emotion so big it mirrors
Reality. The gravitation of a piano
In England undoes a zipper that provides
An insight into the reality of clothing
And its deeper meanings. A nude
Woman squeezing a sponge
Against her leg illustrates the possibilities
Of going without clothing, even
For a short time. I’m going to throw
Another idea at you which is ribbons
And prisms in the philosophy
Of mirrors. What do you do
With a load of consciousness
So delighted to be a pastel that it
Flails about drunkenly knocking
The lamp over? And what impels
My reflection to act like a Technicolor
Movie whenever I shave with a long
Benediction? We are our own
Loopholes. Every situation is new
But Brobdingnagian. I get up and walk
Looking for an airplane made of glass
Doing delicate things. My meanings
Are spilled onto the table where they
Assume a life of oceanic ambivalence  
Symmetry has implications of cotton
If you believe that it helps to sparkle
Like a language. Is there life on Mars?
Yes, of course there is, and Marilyn Monroe
On a postcard. André Breton arrives
In a flying saucer and stops the world
With a kiss. Nothing hurts like indifference
And so I decided at last to get old in Hollywood
Feeling all those big emotions that one day drift
Onto paper and stare back at you like meat
Aching, abhorrent, and personal

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