Saturday, April 11, 2015

How to Get Rich Writing Poetry

That’s right you too can be a Donald Trump
A Warren Buffett of poetry
A buffet of trumpets a warren of infinite crisis
Just follow these easy steps
To a cocktail lounge sit down and employ
A ceremony of words in a roiling brook
Of magnetic obscurities. An angel
     of the morning
Will drop coins of moonlight on your table
Which you can spend on a martini or a root beer
Your call. Me, I prefer cream soda
But that’s neither here nor there
     what’s important
Is getting rich. Here’s how to do it invest
     all of yourself
In the sound of something greenbrier
     or Sea of Cortez
This is rich this is true wealth my friend
Words will propagate like waves and roam
In your heart walking up and down
Haunted by the prospect of eternal life
In heavenly leaves of sycamore
What more do you want than a sycamore
There’s more to a sycamore than a sycamore
Escalator grease do you want escalator grease
You can have all the escalator grease you want
All you have to do is say escalator grease
And you will have escalator grease
Escalating throughout the universe
That is the poem. The poem that engages
     your being
Join me in swallowing reality
Take a great big gulp it just so happens
That we’re all surrounded by this thing
Called reality when you go to the bank
To deposit your opus their conception
Of what constitutes money will be different
Than yours don’t let that discourage you
Let the world lift itself into your eyes
     and hang
In your brain annuities perpetuities
     legal tender
And certificates of rain

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mickey o said... works that way, doesn't it ??? your writing reminds me of gregory corso again & again.