Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Teeming with Earrings

The afternoon lifted itself into my eyes
As the cannon thundered frogs and whales
Perception is a process involving prepositions
I’m invisible except when I twinkle
At a joke. The big blue bottle
Is excused and the crackle is flipped
Skulk the scribbles O my pretzel
A warrior yells in battle. Unless
Transacted by cantilever. There is a
Brain that enhances hope. Sometimes
A plant and a cloud will percolate
In the Louvre during an attempt
To understand life, mobility, will  
Alchemy triggers the unconscious 
There is a riddle for this and a stove
For making things boil. Attend to the clutch
Crawl through your secrets angling
     for redemption
When the painter’s canvas mouths its picture
Consciousness becomes a construction
Lightning insinuates itself into the head
While I break from the chrysalis and flap
Out of this sentence to get a better view of things
Here comes a pair of experiences
One of which is imaginary and the other
Is stored under pressure in a portable tank
Imagine it’s snowing In Belgium and sitting
     down to a bowl of string
Beans. The cutlery is consummate. The paragraph
     is hugged
By its own words. The stepladder is heavy
Because it, too, is made of words, and each word
Rides a phoneme into a set of dumbbells
This is how some of us wander through our lives
Dragging the past behind us. Tears
Fit the eager sorrow and a dream of earth
Rolls wide-eyed into Bohemia teeming with earrings

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