Tuesday, May 5, 2015

When Moonbeams Become a Highway

When moonbeams become a highway
To laughter the universe bubbles  
Its misdemeanors in fern. Rain
Bangs against the retina of a swan
And elbows the world over become
Shampoo balloons. The drool of a pen
Arches the spine of a dragon’s back. The
DNA of tinfoil is crinkled and enigmatic
But gets its identity from a chicken   
It wraps in description. Explore
A paragraph with heat and noise
Derelict in transparency. Feel the air
In revolution. A globe is revealed
In inexplicable attendance. There is a pill
For this that escalates thought. It’s similar
To a blaze of crackling language 
That gets its energy from a pantomime
Of war. It’s a plump morning after all
And the candy is serious. We get set
For the maintenance and care
Of personality. Twilight is labial, an arcade
For the expression of air. It’s always a joy
To crunch in the night in the snow
Of existence and feel the validity
Of Wednesday. Reverie is an horizon
Whose embroidery of energy and form
Mitigates a mosquito bite. The parabolic
Goldfish that passes back and forth in its bowl
Inhabits a gaze as primal as light. You can see it
In its eyes. The blithe ignorance of glass
And the listless momentum of the fish
In its gloom of gold. Is there a value here?
What is its price? Because the corollaries
Are so odd we can’t do anything but mull
The obvious in exhalations of ice 



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